So, now I’m an author!

With the publication in November of “The Nibelungen Hoard” (ISBN 13: 9780692288566, Library of Congress Control Number: 2014916790, ET3 Publishing, Boulder, CO) I am officially an author of fiction. Reviews have been very good, which is what every fragile author needs and craves. I am grateful.

This was a 20 year-long project, born in the mid-nineties out of a naïve statement that anyone could write a simple story, at least one better than a lot of stuff being published. Oh, I have learned, and my education is still in its infancy. But that journey is a matter for another blog. Today I want to acknowledge the many people who directly or unknowingly have in one way or another helped get me this far.

First and foremost is Berry, who for 45 years has been my soul mate, lover and best friend. Next is my Dad, Edwin M Todd, MD, JD, PhD, who set the bar way too high, then inspired me to keep jumping anyway. Then there are those who read my sprawling words and help me form a story, Sarah Wilcox, Andrea Hurst, and Jeremy Turner. My first editor, Mike Garrett, changed my POV (literally) many times, and affected the final shape. Richard Every designed the perfect cover, Mike Lyons gave timely encouragement, and Davey Jacobson engineered this website, proving that the rugby community is a brilliant place. Finally, here’s a tribute to all those authors whose works I have read since a little boy, too many to name; thank you.

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