My Love of History

In The Nibelungen Hoard I created ordinary people and placed them in extraordinary environments. After all, isn’t that what war is all about? The two places and periods through which the characters navigate are Berlin during the last days the Third Reich in March and April , 1945 and again at the fall of the Wall in November 1989. Add to this one McGuffin, the Hoard, and let the characters drive the plot. Sounds easy and straightforward, but to make it work those historical moments must be well researched and accurately described to draw the reader into the time and place. This is great fun, but takes time, at least for me it did. Just to give you an idea. I give you a small album of the books I read along the way.

Zukov at the Oder Zoo Station Wall Jumper The Kersten Memoirs The Berlin Wall Stasi Land SpyMaster Ruins of the Reich Last Battle Gudarian Panzer Gdeneral Germany 1945 Fall of Berlin Democracy Berlin Journal 1989-1990 Berlin Diaries 1940-1945 Armageddon Absolute War 1989 The Berlin Wall

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