Edwin “Ed” Todd, the son of WW2 veteran and world famous neurosurgeon, Edwin M. Todd MD, JD, PhD, was born in Bryn Mawr, PA and welcomed into a four-generation home in 1947, while his parents were still attending Temple University. At the age of nine, after his father had completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic, the Todd family spent a year in Edinburgh, and afterwards sent Ed back for the next eight years, attending Blairmore Preparatory School and Fettes College, where he fell in love with soccer and rugby, both sports he went on to play and captain at the University of Southern California, while earning a degree in International Relations. He then went on to obtain his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

The law was not to be, and after a couple years of practice, Ed took down his shingle and donned a carpenter’s belt. For the next three decades he worked as a project manager and then owner of a commercial construction firm, while he and his wife of forty years, Berry, lived and raised two children in Walnut Creek, CA. In 2006 an opportunity came to take a position at USA Rugby, and they moved to Boulder, where they live today.

It was at an Easter gathering in 1995 that he got into a discussion about the number of what he considered poorly researched and written novels, and made the brash statement that anyone could do better. The gauntlet was thrown down, and a mere twenty years later, the “better novel” was published. During those years, Ed also edited and contributed to bi-monthly newsletter for rugby referees, The Pelican’s Beak, wrote a comprehensive manual on coaching referees, and was a contributor in the creation of numerous other training courses.

An avid reader all his life, Ed has always loved the historical novel from James Fennimore Cooper to Alan Furst. But it was the British Commando comics of WW2 that drew him to that conflict, which became the setting for his first novel, The Nibelungen Hoard.

Visit Ed’s website: www.edwintodd.com